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The Complete 12-Module Program includes
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For a sneak-peak at the modules, look below:

It is harder than ever to reach today’s elusive, super busy prospects. Many are working remotely, they hide behind voicemail or a human being, the gatekeeper. How can you sell when you can never speak with your prospect? In this module you will gain everything that you need to get actionable information from gatekeepers and then, most importantly, get decision-makers on the phone.

What do your prospects really want? It’s not what you think. After you complete this module, prospects will think that you are reading their minds, that you speak their language and that you really “get them” and, most importantly, you have what they really want and need.

Question: What is the best way to handle prospect objections? Answer: Not to hear them in the first place. When you have a great script, prospects stop and listen, then they book appointments. In this module you will find the secrets to pre-emptings objections, qualifying opportunities, asking for appointments… And getting to “yes.”

Never again be stumped by prospect objections. Using these surefire scripts from this module you will effortlessly turn objections and/or questions into qualified appointments.

When it comes to sales success, mindset is everything. The right mindset will give you a confident, calm approach and will enable you to handle any prospecting situation. In this module you will get the sales mindset secrets used by sales superstars.

There are only so many hours in the day and it is crucial to your sales success to use them wisely. This module will enable you to maximize your efficiency, benchmark your results so that they are sustainable and replicable and, most importantly, stay accountable for your success

Stop spinning your wheels and stop chasing leads. This module will help you identify those “best fit” prospects that are likely to want and need what you have to offer. These are the “Ideal Prospects” that are most likely to say, “yes.”

You have a unique story to tell. Your company is the only company in the world that has been able to help your clients the way you have been able to help them. That is a unique story and a unique differentiator. Once you have completed this module, your Salesology™ Value Proposition will stop prospects in their tracks and they will listen to what you have to say.

Whether or not they are working remotely, today’s elusive, super busy prospects often hide behind their voicemail. In this module you will get a system to craft voicemails and emails that get prospects to return your phone calls and/or respond to your emails.

Don’t let opportunities slip through the cracks. The fortune is in the follow-up. Schedule even more appointments with this easy-to-implement, amazingly effective follow-up system and ensure that the appointments that you schedule materialize as planned. Your prospects will be looking forward to meeting with you.

93% of communication is non-verbal. What that means for prospecting is that it’s not only the words that you say, it is how you say those words. In this module you will learn the top secrets used by great communicators to gain attention, engagement and results.

Scheduling that qualified appointment is Step #1 in building your pipeline of great sales opportunities. This module examines the next steps for your sales success.

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