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Stop the Madness!

Many years ago it was easy to reach prospects directly. If a prospect said, “Send me some information and call me back,” you could send

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Do Something… Poorly…

My friend and colleague, Adam Urbanski, Founder and CEO of Marketing Mentors Inc., is known to say: “If it’s worth doing… It’s worth doing poorly….”

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8 Truths About Prospecting

Prospecting can be tough, but these truths will make it easier… 1. Prospects will take calls. Stop worrying that your prospects do not want to

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The Gift of “No”

“No” to scheduling an appointment… “No, take me off your call list…” “No, take me off of your email list… “No” to revisiting in the

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Are You Ready for 2024?

We are heading toward 2024. Almost a brand-new year. Are you ready for it? Have you set your 2024 goals telling yourself: “I’m going to

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It’s the Holidays!

Thinking that you should cut back or give up on prospecting altogether during this time of year?  No one’s doing any work. It’s the holidays.

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