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An Idea Whose Time Is Now

Looking for a revolutionary idea to grow sales during this crisis? Read on to discover… An Idea Whose Time Is Now Wendy Weiss, The Queen


The Proof is Social

Looking for a tool to help prospects quickly understand how you can help them? How about an instant credibility tool? How about a prospect shorthand


Are You Ready for 2020?

It’s now almost 2020. Almost a brand-new year. Are you ready for it? You may have spent the last month or so planning and setting


Just Follow The Script

Do you have a system that is proven to work? Do you follow it…? There are many ways to generate leads for a business, SEO


Sell or Die

September is an interesting time. You may still be in vacation mode and/or believe that all of your customers and prospects are still in vacation


Caller Beware!

From time to time readers of this newsletter or visitors to the web site will email scripts to me to ask for my comments. Here


Lessons from “The Guru”

By Wendy Weiss, The Queen of prospecting® I recently had a conversation with a very well-known Internet Marketing Guru… Hereafter referred to as “The Guru.”


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