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Here’s everything that’s included in the FREE Salesology® Prospecting Toolkit for Business Owners:

Turbocharged Prospecting Mini Course and Handbook
Turn your mediocre salespeople into superstars. From defining the prospecting process
and target markets to role playing and disciplined focus, this mini course provides foundational methods for sales prospecting that produce results!

Script Book for Training New Hires
The “little black book” for your sales team. Build your company Script Book which contains step-by-step systems and scripts on who to call, when to call and what to say. So even a new hire with little experience can produce results … quickly!

Unleash the Lion Within
Massively increase the effectiveness of your sales meetings in this 10-week exercise. Help your team overcome some of the “twisted thinking” that salespeople experience as they are prospecting.

24-Hour Prospecting Challenge for Sales Teams
Create results now with this fun challenge for your sales team. From compiling a list of qualified prospects to handling objections and questions, your team will be ready to dial and set appointments – see who sets the most appointments on the last day of this challenge!

ROI Prospecting Calculator
Benchmark sales team performance with this ready-to-launch metrics spreadsheet that gives you a place to track their dials, conversations and appointments as well as their email and voicemail touches.

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Our clients have seen an increase of 51% in new business meetings and a
projected increase in total revenue of $1.1 million
from applying the Salesology® strategies.

The Salesology® Prospecting Toolkit for Business Owners is designed to help you eliminate uncertainty, increase efficiency, and ensure no opportunity falls through the cracks. It combines targeting, skills, process, and organization to help your new and/or struggling team members succeed and succeed quickly.

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