For Sales Teams and Managers

Coaching for Sales Teams

Coaching for Sales Teams

Build a Scalable Prospecting System for your sales team with the help of monthly one-on-one coaching sessions covering: list building, defining your value proposition, developing specific scripts for introductory appointment-setting, getting past gatekeepers, overcoming objections, voicemail campaigns, managing with metrics, accountability, and coaching your team. Designed for sales managers or business owners managing a team of sales representatives.

Every year Wendy accepts only a handful of applicants into the Better Sales Management program. Because of the limited availability of this program, we have deliberately designed a rigorous application process. The reason is simple: If you are accepted into this program we want to ensure that it is the best possible fit for you and that you’ll get the custom tailored help you need.

For Serious Salespeople

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Live Sales Mentoring Program

Kickstart your Sales for 2022


Live Sales Mentoring Program

Kickstart your Sales for 2023

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change your sales trajectory

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Salesology® is a live, sales mentoring program designed by Wendy Weiss that will change the way you do business forever. Once you’re trained to a higher level, you’ll be hearing “yes” more – and you’ll never look back.

Get better at prospecting for high quality opportunities

Gain control over your sales and sales cycle

Feel confident and comfortable

Learn essential and brand new sales strategies

Set more appointments and close more sales

The Salesology® program is completed in 5 stages over the course of weekly meetings. By completing this message-focused course, you’ll create powerful introductions and set more appointments.

Prospecting is still at the heart of sales life. Even with a warm introduction you’re still judged on your first impression and your ability to communicate quick and clear value.

Salesology® DIY

Training for Sales Teams

If you want to consume all of Wendy’s wisdom at your pace and have it at your fingertips then DIY is right for you. Filled with the same great information that Wendy delivers in the Live Salesology® Program you’ll be able to start using these techniques to generate leads, set appointments and start filling your pipeline right away.

In this renowned online training program, Wendy shows your team exactly how to build their pipeline, get better at prospecting, breeze past gatekeepers, voice mail, and email barriers. Most importantly however, they will get prospects to call them back, turn objections into appointments, and shorten sales cycles while maximize results and minimizing rejection.




Two amazing guides to boost your sales now!

Get tremendous insights, tips and strategies to take your sales skills to new levels

  • Cold Calling Survival Guide
  • Business Owner’s Guide to Scheduling more Qualified Appointments

Plus a Bonus Resource Guide!

Save hours of work tracking down the digital tools and prospecting resources every sales person needs.

When you download this complimentary ebook, you will also get weekly tips,
advice, insights, and offers from Wendy Weiss and Salesology™.


81 Tools to Grow Your Sales & Your Business Faster, More Easily & More Profitably

Save hours of work tracking down the right prospecting and sales resources and/or digital tools that every business owner and salesperson needs.

When you download this complimentary resource guide, you will also get weekly tips, advice, insights and offers from Wendy Weiss and Salesology®


Jerry Iacangelo Iacangelo Financial Group LLC

"Working with Wendy has enabled me to double my revenue in half the time without doubling my effort. My case sizes have gone up dramatically since Wendy gave me the courage to go for only the best fit clients and quickly disqualify the rest. It’s only July and my production is already twice that of the entire last year. The best part is I’ve also doubled my time off. "

Kathleen Ames Account Executive, Newtype

" I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve taught me and your never-ending guidance, support and professional advice. Our sales effort would never have seen the light of day without your coaching, which you tailored to our very specific needs. You have a true talent of being able to offer very objective, sound advice. You are always diplomatic and on days when I couldn’t muster up the motivation to pick up the phone, you were able to boost my enthusiasm so that I couldn’t wait to get off the phone with you so I could get selling. "

Kristina L. Ickes Financial Advisor

"I’ve done more than 13,000 (calls) since last August and 5,362 year to date is my last check and that was probably 500 calls ago. Today, I expect to close business that is a referral from someone I met on a cold call more than 5 years ago. None of that would have been possible without your professionalism, insight and help. "

Angeline Davis Regional Manager, Helms Briscoe

"You can learn all the methodologies you want. If you don’t have someone helping you to stick with it and encouraging you on, you won’t get very far. My self-esteem and confidence was a mess from my last job. This year happened to be the most difficult year I’ve had in a long time. Wendy stuck with me. She was very patient and encouraged me that I can do this. She did not give up on me. She is very knowledgeable about how to deal with people. With Wendy, coaching goes beyond just cold calling. She’s a “keep striving to make yourself a better person” coach! "