5 Tips to Make 2016 Your Most Profitable Year

1.) If you didn’t do it last month, it’s time to get organized. Carve out time on your calendar, right now, for prospecting. You’re better off making calls every single day than to crowd all of your calls into one day. Be realistic, don’t say you’re going to make 7 hours of calls if you really only have 45 minutes available. 


2.) Prepare. If you don’t have a good, targeted list of leads that fit the profile of your Ideal Prospect then it’s time to create it. And, if you’re not 100% sure of what you’re going to say when your prospect answers the phone, or what you’ll say in a voice mail or in a prospecting email, then it’s time to give this some serious thought as well. It’s too hard to get prospects on the phone these days and it’s also hard to get them to return a call or respond to an email. This is not the time to be winging it. 


3.) If you did not make your numbers in 2015, figure out what went wrong. If there is something you can change moving forward to get a better result – do it!


4.) Where their opportunities that you missed out on in 2015? What sales did not close? Go back to those prospects, wish them a Happy New Year and ask them about the status of their company and/or the project or account that you were discussing. Determine whether or not you can breathe new life into this old opportunity. 


5.) Take a look at all of your prospecting activity from last year. What was most productive and profitable for you? It doesn’t matter whether it was prospecting or referral selling or networking or canvassing or social media… Identify the top two or three and do more of those activities and less of the ones that didn’t work as well. 


Then, have your best year ever!

About The Authour

Wendy Weiss is the creator of the Salesology® Prospecting Method that generates predictable sales revenue. She is an author, speaker, sales trainer and sales coach and is recognized as a leading authority on lead generation, new business development and sales.

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