A Sales Professionals’ Dilemma…

Having a hard time reaching your prospect directly? 

It’s a fact: Telephone prospecting has gotten harder. It used to be easy to reach prospects directly. All one really needed to worry about was the occasional gatekeeper. Today, of course, sales professionals still need to deal with gatekeepers. Some of those gatekeepers are human beings and some of them are not. More and more phone lines today are answered by voicemail. For many sales professionals this seems to be an insurmountable barrier.

 The really good news, however, is that there are now many more ways to reach out to prospects. Years ago we generally only had an office number. Today your prospect will likely have an office number, there very well might be a home office number and there might also be multiple locations where you could contact your prospect. Your prospect will most certainly also have a cell phone and an email address. In addition, you can reach out through social media.

 Here is a question I recently received from a subscriber to this newsletter:

“Is it okay to use the prospect’s cell number in prospecting them?”

If you’d asked me this question a few years ago I might have said, “No.” Today, however, many business people routinely use their cell phones to conduct business. Secretaries ask, “Would you like the cell phone number?” when a prospect is unavailable. Many business people leave their cell phone number on the outgoing message of the voicemail for their office line. They put their cell phone numbers on their business cards and often have them posted on their websites.


So, yes, dear readers… It is perfectly all right to call a prospect on their cell phone. If they are unable to speak with you, they will tell you that. Ask them when is a better time to call back and follow their recommendation.

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Wendy Weiss is the creator of the Salesology® Prospecting Method that generates predictable sales revenue. She is an author, speaker, sales trainer and sales coach and is recognized as a leading authority on lead generation, new business development and sales.

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