Are You Ready to Succeed?

Whether you are making your numbers and simply want to do more – or you’re not yet where you want to be, the two keys to accelerating sales are preparation and planning. Talent alone is not enough. (Think of all the really talented athletes who never made it to the Olympics.) Here are some concrete steps to take to be prepared and plan for prospecting success as 2015 closes and 2016 begins:

1.) Do your homework. Who are you calling? What is the definition of an Ideal Prospect for your offering? Once you have defined that:

  • What companies will you be calling?
  • What is the most likely title of the decision-maker?
  • What is the name of the contact you would like to reach?
2.) Do your homework. What are you going to say to grab and hold your prospects attention and engagement? What will you say in a voicemail or in an email to get your prospect to respond? Be prepared and ready:


  • What are the challenges facing these prospects?
  • What are the compelling reasons that a prospect should meet with you?
  • What are your compelling examples of how your offering has helped customers?

3.) Practice. Practice makes perfect – this is actually true. If you are uncomfortable with telephone prospecting or simply not as effective as you’d like to be, practice will help. (Do you think that athletes who make it to the Olympics don’t practice?)4.) Take action. Commit to making a specific number of dials every day. Carve out time in your calendar to execute those dials. Do it.


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