Are Your Scripts Destroying Your Calls?

Last week I had a conversation with a prospect who said to me that he did not believe in using scripts. What he actually said was that he did not believe in using “canned scripts.” And I would have to agree.

For some reason, the idea of scripting in many people’s minds is tied up with the concept of being “canned.” I’m not sure where this comes from but many seem to believe that if you are using a script, you cannot possibly be yourself or be real.

On the other end of the spectrum, I often receive emails from readers who ask me if I can recommend a “good, generic script.” I always laugh when I get these emails. You see, what you say to a prospect has to be relevant. Generic simply won’t cut it.

So what does it mean to use a script yet to be relevant to the prospect?

It simply means that you know your market and that you are prepared.

Prospects today are busier than ever. They are stressed out. They are doing more with less. They hardly ever answer their own phones. If you want to get prospects’ attention on prospecting calls you better have something compelling to say. This requires preparation.

If you hope to have your prospects return your calls when you leave messages or respond to your emails, you better have something compelling to say. This also requires preparation.

There are two types of preparation: The first, is really understanding your market and the relevance of your offering to that market. The second type of preparation is taking that relevant information and putting together a clear and concise introduction. The prospect needs to understand who you are and how you might be able to help them. This is your script. In today’s prospecting world, you simply do not have a lot of time and if your prospect doesn’t understand you or doesn’t see the relevance your call will be over before it has even started.

Scripting is not a “canned presentation,” something that you say over and over again no matter what the prospect says. Scripting is about being relevant—quickly. Scripting is about being the best “yourself” that you can possibly be in order to get your prospect’s attention and willingness to engage.

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