Don’t Make this Fatal Mistake!

photodune-3721815-female-speaking--xsMany sales professionals and/or sales trainers spend an inordinate amount of time focusing on how to respond to prospect objections when trying to schedule that all important first appointment. While having good responses to prospect objections is important, the best way to overcome prospect objections is not to hear them in the first place. That means having a great introductory script.

I have someone who sets appointments for me. His name is Tim and he uses the script and the process that I developed. When Tim first started with, I made sure to listen to recordings of his calls. Generally when Tim reached a prospect he would simply use the script and say what he had to say. The prospect would then open up their calendar and schedule the appointment. That’s what happens when you have a great introductory script.

Sometimes, however, despite the best introduction a prospect might still voice an objection. It does happen. In the same way that having a great introduction increases the likelihood of scheduling that appointment, having the right response to objections you might hear also increases the likelihood of scheduling that appointment. Having the wrong response will immediately shut you down. What you say, matters.

There is a category of responses to objections that I call, “Hey! Are you stupid?” responses. Here’s an example, a response to a common objection that was recently submitted by a participant in a group coaching program. This particular participant is in commercial real estate and this is the response he’d been using when prospects say, “We already have a broker.”

“A company like yours should have at least two. That way you’ll be able to see the spaces that your current broker has missed. Just tell me your requirement and I’ll come by and show you what you haven’t seen.”

This is a, “Hey! Are you stupid?” response because it makes the prospect wrong. He is telling the prospect that: 1.) The prospect doesn’t know what he’s doing because he only has one broker and, 2.) The prospect has made a terrible hiring decision in the broker with whom he’s currently working. It’s as if this participant is saying to his prospect: “Hey! Are you stupid?”

While it was not this participant’s intent to make his prospect wrong, unfortunately, that is exactly what his language does. Prospects generally don’t take kindly to being told that they have made bad decisions or that they are wrong in some way. Examine the language that you use when responding to prospect objections. If there is anything that even hints that your prospect has made a mistake… Don’t say it. “Hey! Are you stupid?” responses to prospect objections are always fatal. 

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