Eliminate Prospect Objections Before They Happen

Many sales professionals hear prospect objections as personal rejection. Rather than being something scary, however, the truth is that an objection from your prospect is important information. You are learning about your prospect, how that prospect thinks and feels and what is important to them. Listen carefully.

That said, however, you do not necessarily have to hear every prospect objection. There are some that you can and should eliminate at the very start of your sales process.

The very best way to not hear prospect objections is to have a great introduction. If you have a great introduction, you will hear far fewer objections. If, however, there are objections that you routinely hear, the way to eliminate those objections is to bring them up first before your prospect has a chance to do so.

For example: A frequent objection sales professionals hear is: “It’s too expensive” as in “I’ve heard about your product/service and it’s too expensive.”

If indeed your offering is more expensive than the competition, there is probably a reason for that additional expense. What is the reason? Does your company use superior quality products in manufacturing? Does your company offer a special level of service above and beyond what the competition offers? Identify the reason that your offering is more expensive than your competitors’. Then bring it up yourself. An example:

“Our product/service is certainly not the cheapest. That’s because we use superior quality materials and 24/7 service. None of our competitors can say that.”

When you bring up an objection first and address it, you not only eliminate the objection, you are able to position the objection the way that you want it to be perceived. This enables you to turn that objection from a negative into a positive.

Review all of the prospect objections that you frequently hear and brain storm ways to bring them up first. If you do this well you will be in a much stronger place to be able to move your sales process forward.

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