Independence Day?

We have just completed the July 4, Independence Day holiday. I’m curious, what makes you independent?


I was never supposed to be a sales trainer… I was supposed to be a ballerina.

My first career was dancing with Pittsburgh Ballet Theater and then the Cincinnati Ballet. As you may know, ballet is one of the most difficult and exacting art forms.

In between my dance jobs, I often needed a day job. Eventually, I got very tired of waiting on tables, so then I got a job with a telemarketing agency that did new business development. Lucky for me, the folks at that agency taught me the skill of prospecting. Learning this skill set was transformational. It enabled me, down the line, to build my own business.

I started my business doing business development on behalf clients. It was one of those first clients that dubbed me, “The Queen of Cold Calling,” because I found so many new opportunities for him.

After that beginning, I segued into the business that I have today. For the past 25+ years I have helped business owners, entrepreneurs and sales teams filled their pipeline with qualified opportunities faster, more easily and more profitably.

My own business thrives and I never worry about where the next sale will come from because I know how to prospect. I am independent. My clients have gone on to have successful businesses and sales careers. They also do not need to worry about where the next sale will come from. They now know how to prospect. They are independent.

Here’s the point that I would like to make today: What gave me my independence (and what gives my clients their independence) was learning this all-important skill of prospecting and connecting with prospective new clients.

You may have heard that in order to be really successful in sales you need to be a “born salesperson.” This is not true. I was never a “born salesperson,” I was a ballet dancer. I was simply really, really lucky because early in my career I learned this skill and learning the skill enabled me to build a business and grow sales.

True independence, financial independence and spiritual independence, comes from not having to worry about where the next sale is coming from.

If you or members of your team are struggling or if you simply want to take sales to the next level, there is help available. It is unlikely that you will figure it out on your own.

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