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Prospecting Tips – Asking Good Questions

1. How will you finance this purchase?
Your prospect should be able to tell you. If the prospect has not thought about it, you can help them brainstorm.

2. What alternatives have you considered?
This question will tell you who else your prospect is speaking with. If this is a major purchase, expect that they will be speaking with other suppliers. This way you know how to position your offering.

3. How would this benefit you?
People always buy for their own reasons.

4. How would others benefit?
This question helps prospects justify their purchase.

5. Have you considered the cost of waiting?
For a prospect that is stalling: Help them add up the cost of not making a decision.

6. What is keeping you from taking action today?
This question will help you get all the objections on the table.

7. Aside from (whatever the prospect has said is keeping them from taking action) what else might keep you from taking action today?
This question will ensure that you get all of the reasons the prospect is not taking action. Keep asking this question until your prospect says, “That’s it. Those are all the reasons.” Once you know all of the reasons the prospect is hesitating, you can address them.

8. How are you adapting to the new business environment?
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