Prospecting Tips – Overcoming Phone Fear

1. Make telephone calls. No one will ever say, ‘yes’ if they do not know of your existence.

2. Feel your prospect’s pain. Articulate that pain. Your prospect will see you as someone who understands. Then, offer a solution.

3. Position yourself as an expert, someone who has knowledge and authority. Do this by discussing your expertise and your credentials. Answer the question, ‘What makes you (or your company, product or service) different from everyone else in the entire world who is selling something similar?’

4. Sell something in which you believe–something that offers a value and benefit.

5. You are on an equal level with your prospect. Yes, you need them, but they also need you. It is a reciprocal relationship.

6. Your priorities and your prospect’s priorities are different.  Differing priorities do not translate into rejection. They are just differing priorities.

7. Practice your script with an 8- or 9-year-old. If they do not understand what you are saying–neither will your prospect.

8. Know the goal of your telephone call–and this goal may be different from your ultimate goal. For example, if you are calling to set up a new business appointment, the goal of your call is an appointment–not a sale. Once you know the goal, make sure to ask for what you want.

9. Actively listen to what your prospect is saying. Take care not to project your fears and insecurities onto your prospect.

10. Think of your cold call as the beginning of a sales relationship.  Pick one tip to implement today. Take action now to change your prospecting results.

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