The Queen of prospecting Tips on Introductory Calling

Whenever you avoid introductory calling, you are probably thinking about it in a negative way. This creates unnecessary tension, stress and fear, which impairs your ability to make introductory calls and increases the likelihood that you will fail. By thinking about introductory calling in this manner, it is almost as if you are programming yourself to fail. Your expectations and mood profoundly influence what you do.

Here is an exercise to help you start to change how you think about introductory calling.  Take 10 minutes each night before you fall asleep to visualize yourself making introductory calls, enjoying yourself and having success. Make up scripts for your prospects where they are happy to speak with you, very receptive and want to schedule an introductory meeting. This is your fantasy, so be creative. The important point here is to reprogram yourself to expect success, to expect a positive response from your prospects. The more you expect success, the more success you will have.

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